Traveling has not changed much in the last 30 years. It is still a service that involves moving from one place to another safely and quickly. Even so, at CBinc USA we take care of the whole process so that the travel experience is unique and unforgettable. Get to know a little more about our services to learn more.


Our hotels are renowned for their exceptional level of service and comfort, as well as for their additional benefits for all their guests. Relax, feel at ease in these renowned hotels and enjoy your stay as if you were at home. There are thousands of clients who return year after year to our hotels to create beautiful experiences and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

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We complement our services by offering air tickets on different airlines so that our customers can choose the option that best suits them, always presenting a range of possibilities to generate maximum value to our members.


We offer different activities in the most visited destinations around the world. Make your trip a lot more fun and full of fun. Discover entrances to museums, attractions, theaters, works, etc. Save time buying tickets to the attractions of your choice and make the most of your vacation.



There are many types of cruises. Depending on the cruise line, the ship and the chosen destination, you will never experience the same trip twice. Cruise travel is a fascinating experience, where sea lovers will enjoy wonderful views and exceptional crossings. Our clients will be captivated by the tempting proposals we have for them.


The holidays are presented in different ways: go to a paradise beach, travel Europe or walk along the Wall of China. Whether as a family, as a couple or with friends. Whether it’s a special occasion or not, we can make that experience unforgettable and unique. Our specialized agents can advise you on any decision you make, big or small.

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